Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Weekend Links ll November 23, 2022

 I'm posting this week's weekend links a little early due to the holiday.  I know we'll all be super busy so I wanted to share with you all before you get your Thanksgiving plans underway.  Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!  And we'll see you next week!

This Week: 

What I'm Cooking:
Well, Thanksgiving is this week so of course, food is on all our minds.  For the boys in our home, the favorite dish is Pioneer Woman's Sweet Potato casserole.  And I must admit, it is really good.  Over the years, I've slowly cut back the sugar in the recipe and it's still amazing.  Hoping that a single batch is enough for my growing boys.

What I'm Reading:
My 6th grader recently started reading Summer of the Monkey for a language arts unit.  And I've been reading alone.  It's a little known title by the same author that wrote Where the Red Fern Grows and so good.  He's a few chapters ahead of me though so I have to make sure he doesn't reveal any spoilers.

What I'm Doing:
We're in the process of trying to sell one house and purchase another.  So there's a lot of boxing and cleaning and decluttering and tying up loose ends.  We've been very blessed with this home and hope that it will be a blessing for someone else some day.

What I'm Enjoying:
Cooler weather...
Slow holiday days...
Walks to the park...
Taco nights...

What are you up to?

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