Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Our First & Second Grade Reading List

Throughout the years, the kids and I have spent countless hours in the library, and borrowed thousands of books.  Over the years, we've found some wonderful new books and authors.  On the other hand, we had a few that I really wish we would have left on the library shelves.  And like any other kids, mine tend to get into a rut.  They find a favorite set of books that they enjoy and seem to tear through that series and burn out.  Now, there's nothing wrong with reading multiple books in a series, or even the whole series.  I love to do that.  But sometimes I find that I need to push them  to branch out.

First grade is a hard age to write a reading list for.  In first grade, kids' reading levels are all over the map.  Some kids are tearing through books, while others are still struggling to put blends together.  And the idea of transitioning from picture books to chapter books, can be daunting... for both mom and child.

Mr. Putter and Tabby Series
Henry and Mudge Series
Frog and Toad Series
Dear Dragon Series
Cam Jenson Series
Elephant and Piggy books
Stone Fox
Magic Treehouse Series
Boxcar Children Series
The Calendar Mystery Series
The A to Z Mystery Series
Flat Stanley Series
Nate the Great
The Critter Club
Rainbow Fairy Series
Mercy Watson
The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Ballpark Mysteries
The Chocolate Touch

What Would You Add To The List?

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