Monday, January 21, 2019

Baby Registry Items

There's so much information about becoming a new mom; it's hard to decifer it all.  And completing your baby registry is right there near the top of the list.  What do you need?  What's a waste of time?  And what's just plain quirky?  Here's a quick list to help get you started:

*2-3 Stretchy hats--I like keeping their little heads covered for awhile.

*4-6 side snap undershirts--These are really convenience when their necks are still weak.

*10 onesies--We used these all the time for layering and needed a lot for diaper blowouts.

*6 stretchy pants--Extras for blow outs, of course.  :-)

*6 shirts--It sounds like a week's worth of clothes.  It's not.

*4 rompers--I love keeping my babies comfy when they're little and these are perfect.

*3-4 night shirts--I didn't like these when my mom first showed them to me, but they're incredible.  They open on the bottom so you don't have to completely undress your child at night for quick diaper changes.

*4-6 pairs of socks--You will that mean.  They come off easily and seem to disappear quickly.  :-)

*18-24 cloth diapers-- even if you aren't cloth diapering, these make excellent burp cloths

*wipes-- cloth or disposable... great for cleaning up babies and messes

* 5-6 bibs-- these can wait for awhile, but solid foods will come before you know it

*spoons and forks, plates and bowls, sippy cups-- nothing fancy, just the basics, but in fun, bright colors

*high chair-- again, just the basics, but that baby will be eating before you know it

*swing-- not an essential, but so nice to be able to sit baby down where he'll be content

*baby carrier-- especially if this isn't your first baby, a carrier is a must.  Invest in a higher end carrier

*carseat-- a baby carseat is nice, but a convertible carseat is a huge money saver

*stroller-- while not an essential, a stroller is nice for longer vacations or outings

*crib & crib mattress-- this is an obvious one. I would recommend a convertible crib and skip the toddler bed in the long run

*2-3 crib sheets & 2 waterproof liners-- no one wants to be washing sheets in the middle of the night when baby has a blow out.  Make sure you have backups

*cosleeper/bassinet & 2 bassinet sheets-- again not an essential, but having a bassinet in our room came in so handy in the first 6 months.  If you can borrow one, do so

*swaddlers-- my babies loved being swaddled.  With the first two, I had large swaddled blankets, but baby #3 wanted to be swaddled FOREVER.  With him, I invested in some velcro twaddlers

*pacis-- not an essential depending on your point of view, but very nice if you're dealing with foster babies

*diaper pail-- depending on your set up (size of your house) it's very handy to have a covered diaper pail in the baby's room to contain the mess and smell

*baby soap, shampoo, diaper rash cream, nail clippers-- all the bathroom essentials

*thermometer & humidifier-- having a high quality thermometer was very reassuring when the baby was running a fever in the middle of the night and the humidifier was essential when baby had a cold

*2 baby towels--I love the little hooded towels when baby was little, but any little towel will do.  Have a back up for blow outs

*6-8 washcloths-- these are in the same category as wipes for me... great for cleaning up little fingers, toes, and messes

*nipple cream, nursing pads, nursing pillow-- essentials for all nursing moms

What would you add to the list?

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