Wednesday, January 24, 2018

In Step With The Spirit {Review}

Many of us "know" that God loves us, yet we walk through life wondering where He is.  Why can't we see His work in our lives?  Where is He when the storms of life get crazy?  And how can we possibly know His path for our lives?  Sarah Bowling would say that He's always with us... we just need to open our eyes to his presence... in the mountain top experiences of life, the lowest of valleys, and yes, even the mundane moments of our day to day living.  Living In Step With the Spirit is less about a formula and more about awareness of God all around us.  

I wanted to like this book.  I really did.  I read what people were saying about it and I thought, "Yes, that sounds wonderful.  Practical wisdom for walking in step with the Lord."  I tried.  In fact, after my first failed attempt of getting through this book, I picked it up again a few months later and tried a second time.  But again I just couldn't get through it.  As far as practical wisdom, I really could find none of it.  In Step With The Spirit read more like Bowling's personal testimony and adventures rather than an encouragement to find the Lord in my own life.  And while there is encouragement to be found in how the Lord has cared for other believers, this just wasn't one of those testimonies.  Bowling seemed to loop back into the same stories and principles over and over again, until I could take no more of it.  I was sorely disappointed with this one.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.

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