Friday, July 7, 2017

Weekend Links

This Week:

What I'm Cooking:
Well, since it's supposed to be 108 degrees today, I really don't want to cook anything.  :-(
But kids have to eat so what do you do?
We've been making lots of marinated veggie sandwiches.  We just chop up tomato, cucumber, and avocado and marinate in balsamic vinegar.  Then spread a pita with either pesto or hummus and pile on the veggies.  It's quick, easy, and refreshing.
We've been eating lots of these sandwiches with watermelon, pineapple, whatever kind of fruit we can get our hands on.

What I'm Loving:
This past weekend was a four day weekend for us since 4th of July was on a Tuesday.  As many of you know, my husband worked at the same job for nearly 10 years and just switched to a new job last November.  In his old job, he never had holidays off.  So this year for him to have 4th of July off was incredible.  We packed the weekend with visiting family, swimming, going to a hometown parade, watching a baseball game, and seeing fireworks.  So we're really loving having Daddy home with us and making memories.

What I'm Reading:
oh, my!  Cindy Woodsmall has a new book coming out in Aug and I was picked to be a part of the launch team.  So I've been devouring this book.  It's book #3 of a series that I've previously reviewed here and let me tell you.  It does not disappoint!  Hoping to have a full review for you next week.

What I'm Doing:
Oh, it's been time to start thinking about next school year.  Hard to believe that the summer is already half over.  I had previously purchased most of our curriculum for next year.  But still had a few things to fill in so I purchased those this week.

What I'm Watching: 
We finally started watching the past Amazing Race season.  The kids and I have been pulling them up on and watching them in the afternoon.  Interesting twist to have them paired up with complete strangers.  I don't know if I could do it.

What I'm Enjoying:
The Pool... The Lake... Any Water of Any Sort :-)... enjoying an evening with baseball friends... lazy mornings... A/C... the summer reading program...  

What are you up to?

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