Monday, May 1, 2017

5 Challenges to Take on with Your Kids

Summer is just around the corner.  I'm planning the last of our lessons and dreaming of days by the pool, homemade ice cream, and sleeping in.  Since we only have a few weeks of school left, we've been talking about what we want to do over the summer.  And while we've been creating our bucket list (to come soon), I've been thinking about ways I can intentionally spend time with the kids.  So these are 5 Challenges You Can Take On With Your Kids:

1. Book Club-- This would be a fun challenge with an older elementary student on up through high school.  Pick a book that you're both interested in and just start reading.  Set a deadline for yourselves of when you want to get together to discuss it.  Once a week or after you've finished... it's up to you.  Make your meetings fun with book themed snacks and drinks.  Talk about the characters, the setting, and what your child would do in various situations.  And don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone with your book choice.  You may discover that your child has pretty good taste after all.

2. Fitness Challenge-- We all like to be active in our family.  Whether it's taking a bike ride, swimming, or jumping on the trampoline, we like to get our heart rate up.  So how fun would a summer fitness challenge be?  Maybe take a new class together, take on an abs & squats challenge, or sign up for a 5K together.  Or maybe yoga is your thing.  Try a kids' yoga challenge every morning.  Whatever it is, get up and get active with your kids.

3. Gratitude List-- The best thing for improving your outlook on life is being grateful.  We all have a tendency to loose sight of our blessings once in awhile.  So why not challenge yourself and your kids to be more grateful people.  How?  Pick up an inexpensive notebook and spend some time each day writing down your blessings.  Write about your thankful list at meals times or bed time.  Reflect back on your day and try to find a handful of things to be thankful for.  You'll be amazed at how quickly you can fill a notebook once you get started.

4. Kindness Challenge-- Trade names in your family and have secret friends.  Do something nice for your secret friend.  Do one of their chores, make their bed, or help them with their homework.  Try to do it secretly without being found out.  Or practice kindness in public.  Open a door for someone.  Give up your seat in church. Or encourage someone.  What can you do to practice random acts of kindness?  If you're doing this outside your family, share around the dinner table each evening.

5. Art Challenge-- Pinterest is full of art challenges.  How fun would it be to do a 30-Day art challenge with your kids?  Invest in some inexpensive sketch books, set the timer for 30 min, and just create away.  After 30 min, come back together and share your drawings.  If you want to, you can spend more time on the drawing later, but for now, just share what you have.  What a fun way to create together, encourage each other, and work on a new skill.

Whatever you decide to do with your kids this summer, be sure to do it together.  Stepping into a challenge together can be bonding, reassuring, and fun.  So embrace the lazy days of summer, and take on a challenge.

Which challenge most interests you?

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