Thursday, January 26, 2017

In the Shadow of Denali {Review}

John and Cassidy Ivanoff work in the beautiful Curry Hotel, built along the Alaskan railroad in the shadow of Mt. McKinley.  Father and daughter, both are happy to have found work together and live a relativity quiet life.  Having lost Cassidy's mother years ago, they have a solid relationship built on trust and honesty.

But when Allan Brennan arrives to work as John's assistant, the past comes back to haunt him.  Years prior, Allan's father died in an expedition led by John.  Henry Brennan's death has been shrouded in mystery for years, with his business partner blaming Ivanoff, and Ivanoff wondering what went wrong himself.  Can Allan overcome his anger and hurt in order to work with John?  And can John, Allan, and Cassidy uncover the details of Henry Bennan's death before someone else dies In the Shadow of Denali?

Let's talk good points:  The characters' internal conflicts were well developed.  Cassidy wrestles with falling for a man who hates her father.  John Ivanoff wrestles with what part he played in Henry Brennan's death, and Allan Brennan wrestles with his anger toward Ivanoff versus his growing respect for the man.  These are all valid situations and not clear cut.  Each of these characters' internal wrestlings were accurate and honest.  The setting for this novel is also intriguing (1920's Alaska) and the main draw was the added historic details.

Cons: While the arrival of Henry Brennan's business partner did complicate the story line, the ending was predictable.  Despite complicated emotions, the good versus evil characters were clearly defined and obvious from the beginning.  This books wraps up well and I was slightly disappointed as it's book 1 in the series.  I was hoping for more of a cliff hanger ending.

In the end, while the story line was somewhat predictable, I did enjoy the characters and setting enough to continue reading the series.  If you love historical fiction, you will definitely enjoy this book.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.

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