Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Best Educational TV Shows for Preschoolers

Technology is a difficult road to travel.  We've all heard the warnings about limiting our children's screen time.  And while I think that's important, it also think technology can be a great tool in educating or children.  With a few limits and safeguards, these are our top 10 Educational TV Shows for Preschoolers. 

Sid The Science Kid
This is an incredible show for teaching your preschooler about basic scientific method and science concepts.  Plus Sid is so fun and really inquisitive, just like your 3 year old.

Little Einsteins
A preschool show about classical music and classic art... what's not to love?
And it involves a rocket!

Word World
The animals of Word World solve everyday preschool problems by building words and utilizing friendship.  Great for problem solving and letter sounds.

Super Why
Hands down our favorite preschool TV show.  Kids learn letters, letter shows and basic reading, all while exploring classic fairytales.

Cat in the Hat
Oh, we love the Cat in the Hat... exploring the world, science, relationships, and emotions are all great topics to discover with this whimsical friend.

Dinosaur Train
Dinosaurs and trains? This is a preschooler's dream
Acurate facts packaged in a fun story.

Go, Diego, Go
So much going on here... a second language, nature, animals, ...
All in this fast-paced adventure.
Sesame Street
Classic, classic, classic... everyone loves Sesame Street!

It's a Big, Big World
Again a science style show for your preschooler... I love it!

Mister Roger's Neighborhood
Mister Roger's taught us about community helpers, how to deal with our emotions, how to enter into a world of make believe... prefect for preschool.


MollysWorld 525 said...

Loved this post! I totally agree with you!

Allison Jones said...

These are fun shows! My kids are older, but many of these were there favorites when they were preschoolers!

The Averetts said...

Great idea to list your favorite kid shows. Who knows when your kids look back on this it may bring up childhood memories.

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