Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

So how'd I do on my 2014 Goals?  Well, some of those goals went great.  Others not to much.  A couple I foot about completely until I started to work on this post.  Oops!  :-)

All in all, here's how my 2014 Goals went:


1. Continue to develop a consistent devotional time--Still working on it, but much more consistent than the beginning of the year and I consider that a win.

2. Try 2 new recipes a month--Yep, we did this one.  We tried so many new things this year and I'm so glad we did it.

3. Wear skirts on Sundays--Every Sunday, with the exception of Sundays out of town, I wore a skirt.  Yep, pretty crazy for this T-shirt and jeans girl, but I like it!


1. Go through Focus T25 program--Finished it!  Hated it!  Not my thing to work out at home and didn't see any results.

2. Do Yoga once a week--Ooops!  Worked on it in the middle of the year, but never got into a full routine.


1. Eat better breakfasts--Nah! I'm just not a breakfast girl.  Still working on it.

2. Buy more organic produce--Doing better.


1. Go on a yearly getaway--Went away in March and had a great time.

2. Do something on a regular basis for my husband--Not sure what I was thinking and never really did this.

3. Read 2-3 books together--Just 1!


1. Continue homeschooling, adding preschool in the fall--Here we are in Year 3, working with 3 kids for the first time.

2. Take the kids on monthly dates--Did about 8 dates with the kids this year.  Love having that one on one time with them.

3. Once a month field trips--We did some great field trips this year and I'm already excited about the spring.

4. Discover 5 outdoor treasures--Ooops!  Dropped the ball on this one.

1. Complete 2014 DIY list--I got about half of them done.

2. Complete 2014 Bookmarks list--Love this.  Great books and lots of reading.

3. Add a vlog once a week--Really loved working on the blogs this year and growing.

What are your 2014 Goals?

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