Monday, June 16, 2014

Healthy Eating While Traveling

It's summer time and we're doing some traveling.  Summer is prime time for traveling.  There's Grandma's house, the beach, the lake, or just trying to connect with family while the kids are out of school.  Our summer is generally quiet this year, but we do have two trips planned.  And that means a little extra meal planning for Mama.  So right now I'm planning a few meals for the hotel and some ideas for the car ride.

Healthy eating is still possible on the road.  It just takes a little planning and creativity.  Here's what I'm planning:

1. Salads-- Salads are a great way to squeeze in vegetables and eat seasonally.  Plus they're still portable for your hotel room.  My favorites include taco salad (including haystacks) and steak salad.  Just grill your meat and prep your toppings at home and pack in a well-chilled ice chest.

2. Wraps-- Wraps are another great way to eat seasonally.  They can be pre-prepared for an on the road lunch, or veggies can be prepped and ready for a hotel meal upon your arrival.  Serve with a side salad (my favorite is a slaw) and you have an easy, refreshing meal.

3. Pasta or orzo salad-- These are both easy prepared at home and served on the road.  Try using orzo with lemon, salt, and pepper for a refreshing twist.  We love filling ours with bell pepper, olives, tomato, green onion, ... sometimes even garbanzo beans.

4. Tuna spirals or pizza rolls-- Both these items are great if you want to veer away from the typical sandwich on the road.  Keep them well chilled with pre-portioned dipping sauce.

5. Rice Salad-- This is another great one like pasta salad.  Jut cook your rice and mix in some fixings.  One of our favorites include chicken, cranberries, celery, yogurt dressing, and almonds.

6. Tacos-- I love serving tacos while we're on the road.  It's an easy meal at home and with a little prep, they easily served in your hotel.  Pile on the veggies (including lots of green lettuce) serve with some fresh fruit.

7. Chili-- Chili is one of our favorites at the beach.  We cook up a hug pot of chili before we leave home and plug in the crockpot when we get to the hotel.  And my husband says not to forget the cornbread.  Comfort food at the beach is always a highlight of our trip.

How do you eat well while traveling?

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