Monday, June 23, 2014

34 Things Every Married Couple Should Try Together

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 My husband and I were in the grocery checkout line this morning.  A rare treat we had to spend time together.  I was glancing at the trashy gossip magazines, skimming the headlines.  And it saddened me to see another marriage breaking up.  An 18 year marriage reduced to the headline in a trashy gossip magazine.  And it just reminded me that we never get to rest.

We're approaching our 13 year anniversary this year and on occasion, I find myself thinking, "Hey we're actually doing well."  It's so easy to breath a sign of relief thinking, "This is it!  We made it!"  How easy it would be to just relax and coast from here, thinking 13 years qualifies us for a break.

But it's stories like this that just remind me that there's never a time for rest, never a time for thinking we've proven our commitment.  Thinking over the past 13 years and all the years we still have together (Lord willing), I'm reminded of the big (and little) ways that my husband and I have stregthened our relationship and plan to continue growing in our marriage.

1. Take a hike in the mountains
2. Star gaze in the backyard
3. Take a picnic to the lake
4. Dream storm about the future
5. Keep a letter journal
6. Read a book together
7. Play on a sports team
8. Have a picnic on the beach
9. Watch a thunder storm
10. Go on a mission trip
11. Host a small group
12. Take a walk in the rain
13. Go to a concert in the park
14. Kayak on a lake or ocean
15. Go camping
16. See a play
17. Zipline in a rain forest
18. Plant a tree
19. Travel overseas
20. Cook a new meal
21. Take a class together
22. Volunteer in ministry together
23. Go on a trip with your in-laws
24. Find a workout your both enjoy
25. Ride a rollercoaster
26. Host a block party
27. Pray
28. Go to a professional sports game
29. Learn to dance
30. Go tubing down the river
31. Work on a project together
32. Plan a second honeymoon
33. Split "his" and "hers" favorite desserts
34. Have a couple's massage

How do you keep your marriage strong?

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