Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Romance in Disneyland?

Recently I was reading a two part article on the Disneyland blog, listing the top ten romantic spots in Disneyland (part one, part two).  It was fun, lighthearted, and I caught myself either nodding ("Yeah, I really like that spot") or completely shaking my head in wonder ("How in the world did that make the list?").  I guess we all have our own ideas of romance.

But there was a lot of truth in the article.  That's the Disneyland experience: 100% kid-oriented, 100% romantic, 100% adventurous, and 100% enchanting.  How's that for my math skills?

And I thought what a fun idea.  There all types of ways to include romance in a Disneyland vacation.  From romantic hidden spots to ....

So without further ado, here are Creative2xmom's Top Ten Romantic Tips for Disneyland:

*photo from Disneyland blog

Sleeping Beauty's Castle--This castle is classic and an emblem of Disneyland culture.  What little girl hasn't dreamed of true loves kiss and waking to a happily ever after? With it classic fairytale architecture, this definitely a "dream come true" romantic spot.

Snow White's Grotto-- Located just to the right of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, this quiet spot is tucked away.  But certainly no less romantic.  It's a perfect spot to get away from the business of the park and snuggle close.

*photo from Disneyland blog

Court des Anges, New Orleans Square-- Nestled away between the Blue Bayou and New Orleans Square Train Station, this quiet courtyard transports you with its winding staircases and beautiful flowers.  Translated "Court of Angels," it's certainly a place for romance.

Mark Twain Riverboat-- If you haven't taken a ride on the Mark Twain, you are certainly missing out on one of the jewels of Disneyland.  Departing throughout the day, this lazy riverboat ride is a delight for any Disney traveler, but especially for the more romantic-minded tourist.

Golden Valley Winery-- Pop in for dinner and you'll be surprised "Wow"-ed by this romantic spot.    Transporting you to the lush vineyards of California, this spot is a must visit for any romantic trip.

Wine country Trattoria Courtyard-- As the courtyard empties for World of Color, this beautiful scene unfolds, providing a romantic glow for lovers.  What a charming way to finish off a busy day at Disneyland.

Lunch at the Blue Bayou--  Seated under the stars, listing to the crickets, one is seamlessly transported to a peaceful evening.  This is one of the most enchanting meals you're likely to enjoy in Disneyland.

King Arthur's Carousel--What a delightful way to end a day at Disneyland!  As the sun comes down and the lights come one, romantics may find themselves holding hands on a pair of horses.  Or better yet, arms wrapped around each other.

Bridge behind Grizzly River Run-- Late at night, the whole Golden State section of California Adventure is light up with a soft glow.  While everyone is waiting for World of Color, take a quiet stroll through this romantic area of the park.

Fireworks over the Castle--Ok, this one's obvious, but what's more romantic than fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's Castle?  Sure you're packed in with hundreds of other park visitors, but once the fireworks start, you'll feel like it's just the two of you.

*Honorable Mention--Mickey's Farris Wheel-- I put this one as an honorable mention because I know for some people this could be a romantic spot.  High above the park, it feels like it's just the two of you with a bird's eye view.  But for this park goer, it's just too high.  To each, his own.  :-)

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