Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Frugality and Time

Frugality and Time... there never seems to be enough of either.  You can do it yourself (if you have the time) or you can pay to take care of it (if you have the money).  So what are you going to do?  These are some of the choices we've made in balancing frugality and time.

Things I do:
Hang my laundry in the summer
Cook from scratch
Make my own laundry soap
Keep the heat and A/C turned down
Drink only water
Use cloth diapers
Cut my boys' hair in the summer
Freeze fruit in the summer
Pack our lunches
Make our own yogurt

Things I do sometimes:
Make my own hair detangler
Make my own baby food (no baby at this stage right now)
Buy block cheese and shred it myself

Things I'd like to do someday:
Bake my own bread
Use cloth wipes
Make my own dish detergent
Have a vegetable garden

Things I just have to let go:
Clipping coupons
Give the boys a REAL hair cut
Do the drugstore game (although I might try to pick this up again)
Sew clothing

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