Wednesday, April 3, 2013

26 Intentional Acts of Kindness #7: Cleaning for Others

Hey there,
It's time for another Intentional Act of Kindness.  How did last week go?  Did you learn something new about a neighbor around you?  We have an elderly neighbor across the street from us that our kids have adopted. A couple of weekends ago we even had the chance to attend her 90th surprise birthday party.  Yep, 90 years old and still just as active as ever.  My kids have taken to popping over to her place once or twice a week, just to say hi.  So this past couple of weeks we've looked for opportunities to bless her as well, everything from taking out her trash to taking her an Easter card.  Funny thing is, my kids just want to keep giving her more.  I think we're developing a true friendship.

Ready for this week's challenge?  Here's #7: Clean something for someone.  Do you know someone who needs help cleaning out a garage?  Someone with a new baby that could use an afternoon off while you clean the kitchen?  Maybe someone who just needs you to clean out their flower beds?  Let's get out there, roll up our sleeves and get to cleaning.  Think of what a blessing you and your children can be in someone's life.  Let's get cleaning!

Will you join us as we march through our 26 Intentional Acts of Kindness?

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