Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Heart Barrettes

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I was a planning the other day and decided I wanted to do something little for the kids for Valentine's Day.  I've been putting up decorations around the house and I'm planning on making Heart Cinnamon Rolls on Valentine's Day.  But I also wanted to have a little something for them that day as well.

My daughter is all about jewelry and hair bows.  Pink, fluffy, girliness and what day of the year is better suited for girliness than Valentine's Day?

These hair barrettes are easy and inexpensive.  In fact, I found all the materials either in my sewing closet or at that Dollar Tree.

What you'll need:

*Pink, red, and white felt
*Needle and thread
*Hair barrettes
*Hot glue gun

I just cut the size hearts I wanted from the felt and double layered them.

Then I stitched them together with some colored thread in a fun pattern.

Finally, I just glued a little button on each and added the hair barrette.

How easy is that?  The whole project only took about a half hour and they look so cute in her hair.

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