Monday, February 11, 2013

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

I love the holidays.  Even the little ones like Valentine's Day.  It just reminds me that in the day to day craziness of parenthood, I need to slow down and celebrate.  Even if it's something little.  

And kids love to celebrate.  Just ask my three. If there's even the slightest excuse to do some out of the ordinary, they're all in!

These Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls are an easy way to celebrate Valentine's Day or just celebrate your kids any day.  No kids in the house?  Hubbies like them too.

You can make these with storebought or homemade cinnamon rolls.  But since Valentine's Day falls on a school morning this year, I'm going for storebought.  

Separate the cinnamon rolls out of the package.  Start by unrolling them on their sides.  Find the middle of the dough and roll each side back in to create the rounded tops.  Stop just short of the middle and pinch to create the point.  Bake as directed and add your favorite frosting.

Just a fun easy way to create a little celebration in your life.

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day?

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