Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Well-Stocked Craft Cupboard

With summer looming, I've been jotting down ideas to share with the kids over the next three months.  One of the biggest sanity savers in our house is Art.  Finger paints, glue, staples, markers... if art can be created from it, my kids will consume it.  Just this afternoon, we spent a hour creating on the back patio.  It was great!

These are just a few of the items that help us keep our sanity:

*School glue, glue sticks
*Staples, tape
*Paint: washable poster, finger paint, water color,
*Paint brushes in a variety of sizes
*Construction paper
*Cotton balls
*Roll paper, posters
*Chenille pipe cleaners
*Wooden pieces: people, beads,
*Plastic beads

And keep an eye out for unusual objects that you otherwise wouldn't use.  Recently I purchased a package of colored zip ties from the Dollar Store for another project.  My kids could the leftovers and couldn't wait to put them to good use.  We created stairs, a fan, a Mario obstacle course, and numerous other imaginative pieces.  Who knew?

So before summer hits, make sure you have a craft cupboard set up.  Who knows where your child's imagination will take them?
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Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Good Tip! We are getting our Summer planned as well... I can't believe school is almost out. My daughters are already asking to paint!

Happy Summer


Jessica said...

Loved this post! :)

I have been stocking our summer craft cupboard too, as well as bookmarking many "boredom buster" projects that I think the kids will like to do.

I have found garage sales to be a GREAT source for craft supplies - only fifty cents for the soapmaking supplies that my 10 year old daughter wants to try? Yes, please! :)

Stacy said...

a summer craft cupboard would be a great thing. I've been dreaming up cleaning out our school area, I think making up a craft cupboard would be a great place to start and would give us a fresh perspective of our summer creating. Thanks for the idea.

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

We purchase a lot of supplies from Discount School Supply for this very reason! Love having plenty of things on hand to create with!

Amy said...

That is a great idea... They will stay busy!!!

Amy said...
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