Tuesday, January 11, 2011

52 First Dates: Week Thirty-One

So how was everyone's week?  Did you surprise your husband with love notes?  What did he think?

I must confess that I forgot to do this.  It got later in the week and I thought, "I need to check the blog and plan a date."  Ooops!  I was supposed to be planning this all week.  Dang!  But I made up for it in the end. Over the last several days, I hid notes in coat pockets, on windshields, on pillows, in cereal bowls...  I hid 'em wherever I thought he might be surprised.

And you know what?  In writing those notes, it just reminded me how much I really do love him.  It's funny.  Being forced to really think through things, really writing them down and be clear, it's a strong reminder of what I actually have.  I'm telling you.  If you ever need to be reminded about how great you have it, spend some time telling your spouse what you love about him or her.

Taking the focus off the chaos, pushing away the negative, and you'll be reminded of what truly maters.

Ready for this week's challenge?

This date requires getting out of the house, but it will only cost you pennies.  Grab a roll of pennies and visit a local fountain.  Spend the date flipping the pennies into the fountain and making wishes.  What will you wish for?  What will he wish for?  How can you work to fulfilling those dreams together?

Let us know how your dating life is going.  Has this been a good experiment for you and your spouse?

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