Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Girl Headbands

Did you ever shell out the money for one of those super cute, super expensive headbands for your little girl? I was never very girlie so I didn't, but now with a 2 1/2 year old, I'm thinking,"We need some girlie-ness in this house."  And since she's got the wildest hair on the planet, I definitely needed some help.  So this is what I came up with.

Materials and Tools:
Hot Glue gun
Misc ribbon and beads
Floral flower (can find at the $ store)
Pre-made headband (another $ store find, 2 per pack)
Misc embellishments

Sadly I'm not much of a sewer so I opted to go with the hot glue.  I cut a long length of both wide ribbon and bead (approx 2 ft) and started by gluing the end to the headband.  I wanted mine off to the side so plan accordingly.

Continue by looping your ribbon and beads, adding glue each time you meet at the center.  Don't glue your fingers; it hurts.

For this particular band, I just did a "spray" of ribbon on the top of the flower so I only made 4-5 loops.

Finally I added my flower that I found in the $ spot at Michaels.  (I also did a pink one where I took apart two $ store blossoms and stacked them to make a fuller flower.  There were still 3-4 blossoms on the stem as well.)  Then I gently pulled the beading to over lap between the petals, giving it some demention.  I added a small dot of glue where needed to keep the beads were I wanted.

This is one of the $ store flowers.  It just has ribbon behind it with circled beads in the center.  I also added a little glitter to the flower.  It would be even prettier with some more bling.

And Baby Girl wearing the last one.  I just love them. With a couple of pig tails, they've been wonderful for keeping her hair out of her face.  And she loves how pretty they are.  All in all, by shopping around and using what I have, they cost me about $1.50 a piece.  Much better than $10 and up.  

Have you made any fun little girl accessories lately?  What do you do with your children's hair?

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Nikki said...

These are precious. I have three that need headbands. Thanks for sharing this amazing idea. We are definitely going to try this out for a summer craft.

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