Thursday, December 17, 2009

Homemade Christmas #7

Buying or making Christmas presents for my Grandma is always a challenge. There's very few things she needs and even fewer things she wants. Really when it comes to Christmas, the thing she wants the most is to have us all together. Still it's always my heart to bless her with something. Even if it's a small something.

Being two hours away from the nearest town, my mom and grandma will frequently make all-day trips into town to do grocery shopping, clothes shopping, Dr's appointments, work for my mom, or sometimes visiting family. And on those days, hitting a drive through, or snacking in the car is inevitable. But eating in the car is a challenge for the most coordinated of us. In fact, my grandma could possibly give me a run for my money is staying clean in such a situation. It's not easy.

So this idea actually came from my mom. Some practical clothes protectors, or bibs, the keep the wearer nice during those quick, hectic meals. And with her help, we designed some for my grandma.

The concept is quite easy actually. Start with 1 1/2 yards of terry cloth or chenille (some sort of sturdy fabric that's absorbent). Trim the sides giving it an even edge and fold in two width-wise. I used a smaller dinner plate to get a nice edge on the neck hole. I didn't even use half the width, folded. Cut the neck hole and sew coordinating binding all the way around. Fold the pocket to the depth you desire and sew up the sides. Add ties approximately 12 inches to each side in coordinating binding.


You can also add a small element to the pocket if you wish. Something pretty: butterfly, dragonfly. Even a monogram. Adjust to the taste of your recipient.

Purchase the material with your 40% off coupon for the local fabric store and you have yourself a frugal and practical, as well as easy, gift for Christmas.

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Coupon Matchups said...

Love this idea!

BarbaraLee said...

Nice idea.

Jes said...

Such a good idea...

Veggiemomof2 said...

Hey! That pocket is a great idea for fries. Why in the world do they make them w/such a weird bottom? They don't sit up, won't lay flat. I mean come on people.

Great post!

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