Monday, October 26, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

Well, I'm sorry. I meant to take pictures this weekend. We discovered that the video feature on our camcorder isn't working, but the digital camera part is. So I plan on using it just to take pictures for the blog. But alas, as soon as I discovered that and planned on taking pictures for this post, it simply got too dark to get anything decent. Hopefully, I'll be better prepared in the future and be able to get some more pictures in this blog again.

Anyways... this weekend was a weekend of working hard. We had a growing list of home improvement/ maintenance projects to work on and it just seemed like our calendar kept filling up. So we committed to making this last weekend a working weekend. As much as I was hoping to get done, I was still surprised at what was done. This is just a glimpse of all that was done around the house this weekend:

* pruning rosebushes
* planting garlic
* cleaning off outdoor patio
* raking leaves
* washing, line drying, folding, and putting away 3 laundry loads
* refinishing our front door
* fixing the phone lines
* grocery shopping
* volunteering in Big boy's class on Friday morning
* attending a bridal shower
* sweeping and mopping the hardwood
* baking for a chili cook-off
* cleaning the gutters
* picking up the kids' pictures
* putting up four new clotheslines
* carving pumpkins
* and various other little projects done around the house.

It was a great weekend for getting things done and I'm so excited to feel a little bit of the pressure off. Just need to limb that back tree and I'll feel complete.... For now.

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Astro said...

Whao..that's certainly a long list of things that you managed to tackle.
Happy tuesday.

The Steffen Family said...

Way to go! :)

The Mama said...

Woohoo, got a ton of stuff accomplished!. Great tackle! I played too, mine can be found here.

summur braley said...

Wow that is one big list you tackled:) Hopefully you will have a nice relaxing week!

Susie said...

Wow!! That's an awesome tackle list!! Great job:-)

Anonymous said...

You are one motivated lady! Hopefully you have at least 5 minutes today to put your feet up and relish in your accomplishments! I'm in awe...
pk @ Room Remix

shopannies said...

you have a long list of outdoor work hopefully your weather works better with you than ours is today

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