Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Visiting My Local Nursery Works for Me

When my husband and I bought our new house, we inherited a fantastic backyard. There's lush green grass, a cute little patio area, a rose garden, and landscaping around the border. It's lightyears beyond what we could have done from scratch. We are blessed. The original owners took incredible care of the house.

So it's been quite intimidating to take on such a project. There are plants back there that I couldn't been begin to identify. And patches of plants, that although manicured, aren't quite what they should be. For instance, we had a daisy patch that wasn't quite cutting it after the late rains this spring.

So my thought for the day is get to know your local nursery. Take pictures of your backyard, watch the patterns of shade and light, take note of growth and fertilizing patterns. Then go to the nursery, ask questions, and take notes. We did this a couple of weeks ago and learned a tremendous amount. The staff there even gave us a welcome packet, detailing the plants that grow best in our area, plus a lot of other information that I'm still going through.

Back to dreaming of loosing my black thumb and developing a green one...

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The Steffen Family said...

Good morning, Lee! I would love to see pictures of your backyard oasis! It seems heavenly! <3

Life is Good said...

I have always found nursery people to be so nice and friendly. i wonder if its because it is so relaxing to work with plants, or maybe it just attracts those kinds of people.

Jenny said...

Just stopping by from WFMW. I just wanted to say I love your site :)

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