Saturday, January 10, 2009

Simple Living: Part Ten

It's Saturday again and Stephanie at Keeper of the Home is hosting her weekly Living Simple Saturday. I love these Saturdays 'cause they remind me to slow down and focus on what's really important: God, my family, and reaching out to others. And that's what today has been for us: a breath of fresh air.

We got up this morning, made some yummy homemade waffles, and I went out to lunch with a good friend. I've been doing small chores around the house. There are always toys to be picked up and laundry to be done, but I haven't been in a hurry to get it done. There's a load in the dryer, but there's no hurry. Instead, we've had a leisurely Saturday at home. But I'm rambling again...

While Sunday afternoons always seem to be a good time for meeting with friends, there's one small problem: Baby Girl needs a nap immediately after church. So how do you juggle meeting other couples on Sundays and being parents? I think we may have finally found a solution.

I could just make lunch after church, but like the kids, I too want a break after a busy morning. The plan we've devised is for my husband and the other couple or friends to go out and pick up dinner while I run Baby Girl home for her nap and we all meet back at our house. This way no one has to cook, we can still get a treat (Chipotle is a favorite) and we're still opening our home to building new relationships. This has enabled us to find more time to spend with others and juggle the kids.

An added bonus is that if the other couple has kids as well, we have the toys to keep them busy, a big backyard to run in and no need to leave a busy crowded restaurant. We can just take our time and be sure to concentrate on the meal in front of us and the relationship growing between us.

What a simple solution to focusing on what really matters and using our home to reach out to others.

To see how others are simplifying their lives, check out Simple Living Saturdays.

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The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

How very nice. Sounds like a lot of fun without the "hassle" and noise of going out or cooking yourself. Great for all of you!


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