Saturday, January 3, 2009

Simple Living: Part Nine

Simple Living seemed to go by the wayside a bit during the holidays. I'm a self-professed Super Mom during the holidays. Or at least a wanna-be. Still our holidays were simplier this year with all the traveling we did and our focus on Advent Conspiracy. We tried to search out toys that would encourage our relationships as a family and remind us of the reason for Christmas. My kids got a great Little People Nativity Set with all the characters. I can see this being a great tool in the years to come as they learn more about the reason for the holidays. But now I'm rambling...

As the New Year begins, I find myself once again desiring Simple Living. And I find myself refocusing on what Simple Living is. I'd like to clear up a misunderstanding. Simple Living does not mean a lack of committments or an abundance of time. Rather it's a focus of time. As I commented a few months ago, my priorities have fallen in line with stregthening and building relationships with others. Still those relationships require time. Time with my husband, time with my kids, time with my disciples, and time with my Lord.

Simple Living means being open and hospitable and vulnerable. It's by no means an easy life, but rather one that's deeply rewarding.

There! I'm off my soap box!

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