Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where is Lee?

You may have noticed that it's been quite quiet around here lately. This blog has really been lacking for posts as of late. So what's up?

The beginning of December my husband lost his job. Wonderful Christmas present, huh? For the first two weeks of December (the 9th-13th and 15th-20th), he worked in my hometown doing odd jobs for my uncle, helping around his property and working on a new ceiling for his shop. Since he was in my hometown, and in fact, next door to my mom, the kids and I went as well and spent two weeks with Grandma. My plan was to blog while I was there, but unfortunately, this was also the time that my mom's computer decided to poop out. The best laid plans.

It wasn't a total loss as the kids and I had a great time with Grandma and Great-Grandma. We baked, crafted, and spent time playing in the snow. In fact, we really had to plan our trip home this last weekend in order to avoid the next snow storm.

As if that didn't make life busy enough, we also commuted on the weekends to finish up Christmas preparations and attend church. The evening of the 14th we met up with friends at the big light display downtown. The kids rode the train and we took in the sites.

My daughter's first birthday was also yesterday. So coming home on the 20th, I arrived to clean up the house and get things ready for the party. We hosted family this weekend and celebrated with a small party. She was so dainty when eating her cake and quite the opposite of the wild woman we usually know. It was sweet to celebrate such a wonderful little girl.

Today (or yesterday as I look at the clock) was filled with finishing up loose ends. Baby Girl had her portraits taken and I made up a shift at the YMCA. Wrapped packages, and sat on my bum watching a couple of great movies. In fact, my favorite holiday movie is on right now, White Christmas. I'm never truly ready to celebrate till I've had a chance to watch it.

Tomorrow (or again today) we're driving my in-laws and spending most of the week there. Visiting family and eating too much hominey casserole, pumpkin pie cake, and homemade cookies. We'll be back for the weekend and church, then the kids and I are off again the following week to Grandma's while my husband is off to visit friends in New York.

So I just wanted to let you know that I haven't abandoned you. I'm still hanging in there if you are. While the posting may be light and fluffy for the next couple of weeks (although I do hope to write more than I have been), I do plan to get some great posts in January. I hope you're sharing a great Christmas with those you hold dear. And find the Lord working in your life in new and miraculous ways.

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