Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Three Hour Drive...

.... that turned into a 27 hr adventure!

So Dave got his plane for New York Monday morning and the kids and I were off to Grandma's. Sunday afternoon Dave had taken the car into the shope to have two new tires put on and have it realigned. I left Redding confident that we would arrive safely.

About 20 minutes outside of town, the car started acting up again. So here I am, alone with two kids and ready to drive 3 hours with a car that's not running too well. Oh, and heading over two snow covered mountains.

We finally arrived in Weaverville, a hour from home and I had to stop and have the car fixed. It wasn't safe with the kids. Take it into the shop to find out that several things are shot and the axle is about ready to break in two. The mechanic tells me that he can't believe they ever aligned it in the first place with the axle being so bad.

To make matters worse, it's going to take a full day to get the parts 'cause I'm in a small town. And if I would have just taken care of it the day before I'd be on my way.

So my mom and grandma drive two hours to come spend the night with the kids and I in a hotel room while it gets fixed. A three year old and a one year old who comes down with a nasty cough and has to sleep in Mommy's bed.

We finally arrived here yesterday. Thank God. I ran to the grocery store and fed the kids quickly before leaving Weaverville. And then just drive straight through. I'm so glad to be here and frustrated that it took so much to get here. But we're here! Stay up late and crafting tonight.

What a way to ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

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