Saturday, October 11, 2008

Simple Living: Part Six

Today Simple Living for me will be both easy and hard.  Today we're having a third birthday party for my son.  So this my challenge...

Simple Living will be easy, in theory.  All I have to do is sit back and enjoy the fact that we've been able to spend 3 wonderful years with Big Boy.  It will be a day filled with friends and family who love and cherish him.  And it will be a day of playing and enjoying fellowship.

But applying Simple Living will also be a challenge.  It will be a challenge not to let the expectations of entertaining others crowd my mind.  The realization that we are in charge of a party.  Not to be occupied with the endless to do list that is constantly on my mind.

My goal today is simply to breath.  To savor the moment.  To embrace the support system that is around us, that has helped us raise this wonderful young man.  To celebrate the last three years that God has given us together.  To cherish this time with family.  And to thank God for this special gift.

After this post, the computer will be turned off for the day.  The TV will remain off.  Dirty dishes will be left undone.  And Simple Living will begin.

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Stephanie said...

I think your attitude alone is what will make your day wonderful, as you simply enjoy your son and celebrate his birthday, and I love the purposefulness I can hear through your post. Your focus is on all the right things. :) Hope it was a beautiful day!

Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home

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