Friday, April 21, 2017

Weekend Links

This Week:

What I Made:  I actually didn't make anything this week, but I've been sitting here drooling over these Taco Pop Tarts.  Why does junk food taste so good?

What I'm Reading:  I just finished Love Unending and was really impressed.  So right now I'm reading Are My Kids on Track? for review.  Wow!  Talk about a lot of information all at once.  The jury is still out on  that one.

What I'm Doing:  Oh, talk about a busy weekend.  Seems like everyone planned events for this weekend.  We're shopping at going to an Earth Day event, a library event, both boys have baseball games, there's a church event,... and that's just Saturday.  Wow!

What I'm Watching:  We're watching Survivor.  Like half of America.  :-)  We also started going through the Friends series again... for about the billionth time.

What I'm Enjoying:  Cool weather... baseball games... smoothies... poetry books... 

What are you up to?

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