Wednesday, April 26, 2017

May Holidays and Homeschool Ideas

Look for a few ways to add some fun to your homeschool?  Here are just a few of the holidays and fun days you can celebrate this month:

May 1st--May Day
*Create a floral bouquet and surprise your grandparents
*Gift your neighbors with some floral plants and offer to help in their garden
*Learn about composting

May 5th--Cinco De Mayo
*Read the Real History of Cinco De Mayo
*Complete Cinco De Mayo word search
*Plan a special dinner together

May 6th--National Scrapbook Day
*Create a scrapbook page around an "I am" poem
*Create a page around a state/ historical figure you're studying

May 14th--Mother's Day
*Make Mother's Day coupons
*Create a menu/shop/cook dinner (w/help)
*Play this Mother/Baby Animal Memory Game

May 16th--Pizza Party Day
*Have a pizza party of course!
*Cut pizzas in different amounts and talk about fractions
*Double or half the recipe for more practice in fractions

May 18th--Museum Day
*Go to your local children's museum
*Check out an art gallery
*Or explore the train museum

May 20th--Pick Strawberries Day
*Visit a U-Pick Strawberry farm
*Pack these Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly Bars

May 29th--Memorial Day
*Attend a memorial service at a veteran's cemetery
*Write to a serviceman in your family

What days are you celebrating this month?

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