Friday, March 11, 2016

25 Signs That You Grew Up In The Church

You Can Name These Guys.

You Once "Kissed Dating Goodbye."

While loosing any friends or family in a public place, you wonder if the rapture happened.

You've seen an endtimes movie.

You can name This Guy too.

You went to summer camp with a one piece bathing suit and shorts that extended past your fingertips.

You went on a mission trip for Spring Break.

You would "Fellowship" with other families around noon on Sundays.

You know what "Fellowship" means.

You know there's more than one version of the Bible.

You know about These Guys.

You know what "See You at the Pole" means....
And you were there!

You had a WWJD bracelet.

You went to a "lock-in"... before intruder drills were a thing.

You had a Bible cover with handles.

You can sing this theme song.

You ever competed in a Hallelu-, Hallelu-, Hallelujah" / "Praise Ye the Lord" sing off...
And high fived your pew mates afterwards.

You've ever used the words Pew Mates.

You used flannel grams on a Sunday morning.

You can tell the Gospel story with a bracelet.

You owned a Petra Praise CD.

You wore a purity ring.

Instead of trick or treating, you've been trunk or treating.

Wednesday nights meant Royal Rangers and Missionettes.

You know what a Bible drill is.

What about you?
Did you grow up in the church?

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