Monday, October 19, 2015

25 Things to Teach My Sons Before They're 25

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1. Car maintenance-- This is the priciest investment that you're making and I want to make sure you know how to maintain it.  Even older cars can run for a long time with the proper care.

2. Opening the car door for a lady-- Yes, I know it's old fashioned, but it's a great sign of respect and one that values others.

3. Clean up your messes-- Picking up one activity before starting another, cleaning the kitchen, or cleaning the bathroom are all important if you're going to survive life, or even college for that matter.

4. Accept a compliment-- When someone tells you "job well done", accept the compliment gracefully. Nod your head and say "Thank you."  You don't have to boast, but acknowledge their compliment with dignity.

5. Be a good loser-- Life doesn't always go your way.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.  They need to know how to lose well and congratulate their opponent.

6. Properly greet someone-- It's all about respect.  Shake someone's hand, make eye contact, and acknowledge them as a human being.

7.  Try your hardest-- Do your vest work.  Try your hardest.  Know that nothing comes easily and you never know if you can do it until you try.

8.  Don't let anyone shame about where you come from-- Your family and your home are where you came from.  Take all those lessons you've learned there and allow them to form you into the best possible version you can be.  And if anyone wants to say something about your past, send them to me.

9. Respect your elders-- The elders in your life have many lessons to teach you.  They've lived through situations and in times that we can only imagine.  And they love you beyond all reason.

10. Make friends with your in-laws-- Some day you'll meet a girl that you love... and then you'll meet her family.  And yes, they are a part of the deal.  Get comfortable, respect their opinion, and know they're going through a transition too.

11. Don't chase girls-- Before you meet THAT girl, there will be others.  Don't chase them.  Get to know them.  Make lots of friends and keep an open mind.  If she's the one, she's not going anywhere. Take your time.

12. But DO take initiative-- If you meet someone you want to get to know, let her know.  Don't play games.

13. Value others-- Find value in others for WHO they are, not what they DO.  Know that people are created in God's image.  And that alone gives them value.  Respect!

14.  Roll with the punches-- Life isn't going to always be fun.  In fact, it's going to be down right vicious at times.  But don't let it knock you down.  Get back on your feet and keep going.  Life closes a door?  Crawl through a window.

15. Laugh at life-- And while you're crawling through that window, have a good laugh.

16. Walk with integrity-- Let your yes be yes and your no be no.  Stand by your word and your principles.  Pick and choose your battles, but when you pick one, stand firm.

17. Take charge of your health-- You've been given a gift of life.  Value it.  Don't play with your health by abusing drugs or alcohol.  Fuel your body with good food, get enough rest, and exercise.

18. Value your body-- That goes for sex too.  Abstinence isn't an easy road.  In fact, it's d*mn hard.  But your body is yours.  Value it.  Be careful who you share it with.  Make sure who you end up sharing it with is worthy of it.

19.  Share your feelings-- Don't be afraid to share how you're feeling with others.  They can't understand how you're feeling and what you're thinking if you don't tell them.  Learn to communicate effectively and with grace.

20.  Building deep relationships-- Deep relationships and friendships are what will see you through your darkest times.  Put effort into them.  Let others know they're valued and be loyal to those around you.  You're never regret building deep relationships.

21.  Don't be afraid to admit when you're wrong-- We're all wrong from time to time.  None of us are perfect.  Others will respect you more if you're willing to admit when you're wrong.  And don't do it grudgingly.  Apologize with humility.

22.  Be on time-- Being on time shows others that you respect their time as well.  Make the effort to arrive a few minutes early and you'll go a long way in showing yourself to be dependable.

23.  Find something you love doing, then learn how to make a living doing that-- This one's tricky.  Sometimes the thing we love aren't the obvious choice for a career.  Use your creativity to find new ways to make a living.

24. Tell the truth--It's not always easy.  Sometimes it gets you into trouble.  Sometimes it can be taken he wrong way.  But speaking the truth in love is always the best choice and will save you from a world of heartache.

25.  Mom and Dad are always on your side-- We are ALWAYS on your side.  Let me say that again... ALWAYS.  From the time you were conceived, we've prayed for you, loved you, and dedicated ourselves to being the best parents for YOU.  There's nothing that you can do to surprise us or make us stop loving YOU.  Somethings may hurt, sometimes we may have to confront you with the truth, but we are ALWAYS, ALWAYS on your side.

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~she~ said...

That's a great list! I have to say, I agree with every single point. I've worked on some things of my own, without making an actual list. First, I want to make sure each of my kids knows how to feed themself. Too many people become adults and don't know how to boil water. All 4 of my kids know how to cook SOMETHING! The 14 year old actually cooks very well! They will also know how to do laundry, pump gas, handle finances, and clean a bathroom! I wish I could make sure they can all parallel park, but since I can't do that myself.... Oh well!

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