Thursday, March 26, 2015

10 Toys that Develop Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills involve the large muscles groups and improve blanace, coordination, crossing the mid-line, and set a child up for an overall healthier lifestyle.  Play is essential in developing these gross motor skills.  These are just a few examples of toys that make developing these skills fun:

1. Tunnel-- We love having a tunnel in this house.  This one is great for toddlers on up through early elementary.  It's a fun day to play tag, hide and seek, building an obstacle course, and improve balance, and weight shifting.

2. Baseball bat and T-- Swinging a bat doesn't just have to be about baseball.  It's also about building up those arm muscles, making the arms and waist work together, hand-eye coordination, and focus.  And you'll love the look on your preschooler's face when they actually connect with the ball.

3. Bouncy Ball-- Large bouncy balls are a lot of fun for bouncing, switching hands, and catching.  Throw them on the ground and kick them around while your child works on foot-eye coordination as well.

4. Balance Beam-- Balance beams are easy and inexpensive to construct.  And if not, pick up a roll or painter's tape and make a balance beam on the floor.  Great of improving balance, muscle development, and a sense of confidence.

5. Basketball Hoop-- What little one doesn't love to throw a ball into a hoop?  Great for aim, working the legs and arms together, and focus.

6. Hula Hoops-- Hula hoops are so versatile.  Swing them on your arm, around your waist, lay them on the ground to hop through, use them for hopscotch, etc.

7. Dancing Ribbons-- We all love to dance.  And adding ribbons makes it even more fun.  How many ways can you swing the ribbons and make them fly?

8. Tossing Games-- Along with basketball, tossing games help coordinate the arms, hands, and wrists.  Toss bean bags in a basket or hula hoops, make a corn hole game, or invest in toss across.

9. Sit N Spin-- Sit N Spin is a fun way to coordinate the arms while spinning.  It requires concentration on the hands and arms as they are always moving.

10. Toddler Riding toys, tricycles, and bicycles--These ride-on toys require the coordination of several muscles groups to propel a child forward.  Additionally, your child is working on balance and cardio vascular health.

What toys have you found helpful in developing gross motor skills?

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