Wednesday, January 23, 2013

26 Intentional Acts of Kindness #2: Thinking of You Notes

I'm loving this journey that we're embarking upon.  Twenty-six Intentional Acts of Kindness throughout the year as we bless others... how are we acting intentionally through out our days and teaching our children?    I'm excited about where the year will take us and how both my children and I grow through this experience.

The past couple of weeks have been interesting.  We've been holding doors for others and observing some interesting reactions.  I've tried to point out to my kids that we do this as a way of being polite and blessing others.  They're still kids so sometimes it goes over their heads.  But in small ways, I see it taking an effect.  My 7 year old son is starting to be more observant of those around him and that's a step.

Our Intentional Act of Kindness these next two weeks is to mail love notes to our family that is far away.  Yes, we're celebrating love as Valentine's Day gets closer and we're reminded to tell those we love.  How often have we all longed for someone to remember us?  I know I often walk to the mail box, wishing for something other than bills and the weekly grocery flyer.  It's a great opportunity for the kids to say I love you and be an encouragement to those we don't get to see often.

I'm participating in the challenge as well by mailing a letter to a friend.  Mail?  What's that?  Oh, it's the slow, time consuming sacrifice of writing out your thoughts.  There's something special, almost sacred, about a handwritten note and it's a gift that I'll be giving in the next couple of weeks.

So who will you encourage today?

Who needs to hear that you love them?

Won't you join us in Intentionally Acting in Kindness?

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