Monday, April 23, 2012

That Works for Me {Review}

This EBook Works for Me!

For five years, Works for Me Wednesday has been helping homemakers, parents, and bloggers alike search for real solutions.  Solutions that really work and fit into our ever-filling lives.  

And for years, readers have clamored a book that would compile some of the best tips and tricks in an easy format.  A book that would put so many of these solutions right at our finger tips.

Well, this month... it's here!

That Works for Me is an EBook containing over 800 tips by over 300 contributing bloggers, organized into 24 categories!  This easy to navigate books has clickable links taking the reader to the very tip post, providing for more in-depth information.  Each solution has a brief senopsis and the reader can click over to find full details.

Want to know how to babywearing, dry skin brushing, or how to choose the best clothes for your body shape?  How about enabling google reader, making crafts with your kids, or becoming a coupon family?  Or what about planning a romantic date night at home with your hubby?

This books features some of the best tips that Works for Me has to offer.  I'm already learning a ton from this book and can't wait for you to enjoy it too!

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