Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Morning Chaos

It's a typical breakfast scene.  Kids are up, baby's babbling from the bedroom, and Mama's wondering why morning comes so quickly.  She was so careful to prep the house the night before.  Sandwiches made.  Backpacks and school clothes laid out.  Diaper bag packed.  She is even getting up earlier these days.  Certainly she's sleep walking for the first 30 minutes on her feet, but she's out of bed nonetheless.  And yet the same scene unfolds.

Two little ones on the couch, wondering how they'll survive the months between Christmas break and Summer break.  Fuzzy jammies, favorite blankies, and lazy gazes.  Mama walks by on her way to the kitchen, kissing sleepy heads and praying for a peaceful breakfast.  Knowing there's less than a 5% chance of that happening.  But still praying.

Mama calls from the kitchen.  Cereal or oatmeal?  Requests for pancakes, waffles, even Christmas candy float from the couch to the kitchen.  No, cereal or oatmeal?  Moans and groans, whines and pouting, and Mama's glad she's in the kitchen to miss the eye roll.  And again she wonders why she gave up coffee.  Or if it's too early to take up drinking.

Sleepy heads turn into rowdy siblings and they finally come to the table.  Cereal for one, oatmeal for the other.  They can never seem to agree.  "Don't look at me," says the one.  "Stop singing the ABC's," says the other.  "He's looking at me."  "She's singing."  And so it begins.

Mama, finally dressed, gets the baby a bottle and they sit on the couch to watch the scene unfold.  In no time at all, rice krispies cover the floor and oatmeal covered bowls are soaking in the sink.  Two littles scramble into school clothes while Mama burps the baby.  Jammies fly through the air, little toes push into socks and fingers fumble with laces.  Mama makes her way through one... two... three sets of teeth to be brushed.  Hair ribbons wrapped into hair, backpacks lined up, and lunches packed.  A sigh of relief as they just might make it to school on time.

Keys found; crisis averted.  Two siblings scramble into the van as it warms up and Mama straps in the baby.  She wonders how they've made it this far.  Oh, wait.  One forgot a jacket and the other is running back to the house for library books.  Finally they're on their way.  Mama pulls the house door behind her, closing her eyes to the peanut butter and jelly on the counter, the cereal to be swept, and the dishes to be done.  Another morning of pudgy arms embracing her neck.  Another morning of praying they get out the door on time.  Another morning of chaos.

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Patrice said...

Sounds like my house when my kids were little...sigh...

Heather at Dragonfly Designs said...

Love... thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully penned! You should write a book!

Great job capturing the little bit of crazy in the morning ;)

Kathryn Caldwell said...

Sounds so familiar! I am always amazed that my kids ever get to school!

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