Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Preschool Memory Games

Two weeks ago, Big Boy turned 4 years old. He's so cute. Growing and learning every day. I'm amazed at all the things that he's learning.

Thinking about his birthday this year, I was absolutely stumbled for ideas. He has toys, things he likes to play with. he loves books and we already have lots of movies. I wanted something that didn't require batteries and something that he couldn't outgrow too quickly. Have you looked in the stores for creative toys? They are few and far between.

Then I remembered that he had mentioned he wanted a Memory Game. What a great idea! Apparently he had played it at a friend's house and loved it. Not only is it creative, something that will grow with him, but they're also so affordable. I went into Target looking for the traditional Memory Game, and this is what I came out with...

What a great gift! He's so into Toy Story right now and we play this game almost every day. The other day he asked who bought him the Memory Game and when I told him it was Mommy and Daddy, he came running at me with his arms open and gave me a huge hug. Guess it was a hit.

Want to make this gift idea even more special? How about making a a homemade Memory Game as a great Christmas gift?

These are some great links to get you started:
Homemade Memory Game (@ Make and Takes)-- basic game to get you started and show you what materials you will need
Juice Can Lid Memory Game (@ About.com)--fun twist on the traditional came that includes recycling juice lids
Printable Memory Games (@FamilyFun)--here's a huge variety of printable games.
Vintage Memory Game (@OneSheTwoShe)--this is so cute and would make great gift for a game loving friend. I may want one of my own.
Pattern Memory Game (@The Crafty Crow)--looking for a super challenge? This one looks like it would be pretty rough, but loads of fun.

So if you're looking for a great birthday gift or a great Christmas gift, this is a fun game sure to please a variety of people on your list. And being frugal will help your budget and allow you to support Advent Conspiracy this year.

For more Works for Me ideas, check out We Are THAT Family.

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