Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fraying at the Edge {Review}

Book Two in the Amish of Summer Grove series, Arianna finds herself thrust into a foreign English world.  Having discovered that she was switched at birth, her English father agrees not to press charges against the Amish midwife if Arianna will spend one year with her biological family... and no contact with her Amish parents.  With a breaking heart, Arianna agrees.

At the same time, Skylar too finds herself in a foreign world, attempting to adjust to the simple, but isolated Amish community.  Struggling with a drug addiction as well, Skylar must choose if she will trust her new family or work to sabotage their efforts in Arianna's new cafe.

While both girls struggle, so do their parents.  How do they love and cherish two girls whom they don't know, but are desperate to connect with?  Will it be through hard discipline or tender grace?  And what does each girl need?

After reading book #1, Ties that Bind, I was eager to see what became of Arianna.  Woodsmall takes this character on a journey of faith.  Can Arianna break free from tradition to discover the depth of God's character?  Or will her vision remain black and white?  She's challenged by a good friend to see the world beyond good and bad.  Is there room for grace, gray areas, and allowing God to meet people where they're at?  And most importantly, can she survive this year in the English world in order to make it back to her family?

This is a story mostly about grace.  Giving people the grace they need to find their way.  And knowing that judgement lies in Christ alone.

In true Woodsmall tradition, the author leaves you wanting more.  Although Fraying at the Edge, ends with Arianna and Skylar in stable positions, both are still questioning their place in this in-between world.  I can't wait to read book #3.

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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