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15 Things To Buy Before Visiting Disneyland

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When preparing for a Disneyland trip, there are so many things to budget.  Travel, tickets, hotel, and food can add up quickly leaving little room for the incidentals.  But as with any trip, there are always little items to be picked up, either out of necessity or luxury.  While all these items might not fit your situation, these are the items we tend to purchase before a trip:

Lanyard and Pouch--These zipper pouches are perfect for holding tickets, FastPasses, and Disney Bucks.  And if you have older children who have discovered pin trading, the lanyards are handy for keeping track of all those treasures.  About two trips ago, we started buying each of a the kids a special pin to remind them of that particular trip as well.  And the lanyards are a good way to keep those special pins from being lost in a drawer.

Trading Pins--You can easily find lots on Amazon and Ebay of pins to trade once you get to Disney.  Disneyland cast members are located throughout the park and happy to trade pins.  Be sure to purchase on "official" Disney pins as members will only trade official pins.

Ponchos--A Dollar Tree purchase, ponchos will save you from a rainy afternoon or just getting a little too wet on a water ride.  For a dollar, these are a great idea for popping in your back pack... just in case.

Snacks--Stock up your hotel room with goldfish, popcorn, granola bars, pretzels, and fresh fruit to package and bring along. These make for an easy and inexpensive way to fill out little bellies and improve grouchy moods.  And inevitably, my kids get hungry while we're in the middle of a long line.  Snacks have certainly saved me a time or two.  Also grab a few Uncrushable sandwiches to make for quick and easy lunches or snacks.

Autograph book--No trip to Disney would be complete without a few character photos.  And if your kids are interested, they can also collect autographs.  While autograph books are easily purchased in the park, they can also be found on Amazon for a fraction of the price.  Or check out your local Target to pick up a pocket notebook and customize it for the trip.

Glow sticks--Another Dollar Tree find, these make for a fun addition once the sun goes down.  And an easy way to help you keep track of your kids.

Baby items--Disposable bibs, extra diapers and wipes, baby food... all can be found within the park, but at a premium price.  Make sure to stock your diaper bag before entering the park and pack extra.

Misting fans--If you're traveling in the late spring through early fall, temperatures in the park can rise quickly.  These misting fans are a nice way to cool off throughout the day and can be easily refilled.

T-shirts--Character T-shirts are a fun way to dress for the parks.  Keep your eyes open at Target.  And if you don't find something ahead of time, there are several shows lining the street outside of Disneyland, well stocked with Character shirts.

Souvenirs--Besides the pins, we often pick up a souvenir or two for the trip.  A couple of play cars, a  plush Mickey, key chain, or cute necklace can add a little bit of extra thrill to the day.

Sunscreen--The California sun can quickly heat up the park.  Make sure to pack your sunscreen to avoid ruining the rest of your vacation.  I always pack mine in a ziplock bag just in case it pops open.

Princess items--There are princesses everywhere in Disney, and if you have a little girl that likes to dress up like I do, she'll want to join in as well.  But these Princess dresses (although very well made) are quite costly.  Watch Target, Amazon, even the Disney store clearance to purchase dresses before your trip.

Refillable water bottles--The price of bottled water can add up quickly, but every kiosk and restaurant will gladly refill your water bottle for free.  You can even fill them with cold water in the Baby Center.

Gift cards--If your children have "earned" Disney Bucks prior to your trip, consider loading them on a gift card.  This will allow your kids some freedom without constantly asking you for money.  And when it's gone, it's gone.

Extra camera battery--There's nothing like making it half way through your Disneyland day and having your camera battery die.  So consider purchasing a camera battery to have charged and ready to go without paying Disneyland prices.

What about you?
What are your pre-purchase items before a Disneyland trip?

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