Thursday, October 1, 2015

5 Fun Way to Enjoy the Fall

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 The weather is cooling off and the seasons are changing.  Our summer has been HOT.  So hot, in fact, that our main source of outdoor activity has involved swimming, swimming, and more swimming.  So in this interim season, we're itching to get outside and have some fun.

And if you're looking for frugal ideas to enjoy this fall, here's just a few things on our agenda:

1.  Hiking-- If you've been following any of our Youtube videos, you'll see that we've been doing a ton of hiking in the last 6 weeks.  We've picked some awesome places around us and dove right into exploring all the wonderful sites around us.  And it's been incredible.  Ask some friends, make a list, and pick a day.  Tie on some tennis shoes and enjoy where you live.

2.  Pumpkin/ Apple Picking-- Pumpking picking is a huge tradition in our family in the fall.  Stumbling through a pumpkin patch, breathing in the fresh air and finding the perfect pumpkin to carve... It's one of the highlights of the season.  We go every year and the kids are always asking when we're going again.

3.  Picnic in the Park--Whether it's a romantic picnic for two or lunch with the family, pack up some crackers, meat, and cheese... or plan a BBQ with extended family and friends.  Let the kids play, lay back and watch the clouds, kick the soccer ball around... and don't forget to finish off your meal with some apple crisp from those apples you're going to pick.

4. Bike Riding-- Since the weather's cooling off, Noah and I have been taking bike rides on Fridays.  Friday evenings work well for both of us and it's a great time for us to connect and get a little physical activity as well.

5.  Bonfire and S'mores-- We have a fire pit in the backyard and for most of the summer, it's just too hot to enjoy.  But with the cooler weather, I'm dreaming of  crisp Saturday nights, snuggled around a fire, cuddling up to my husband.  And sticky preschool fingers as we roast marshmallows and make s'mores.  Layer on sweatshirts and stock up on chocolate.

What's your favorite way to enjoy fall?

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