Monday, June 1, 2015

Local History Field Trip

The kids and I have been easing our way into this summer vacation.  As we all know, once May hits, it's a free for all of tying up loose ends and squeezing in last minute fun.  One of those last minute fun items for us was taking a field trip through a nearby town.  We learned a lot of history about how our local area was found and what life was like during the ensuing gold rush.

My favorite part of the tour was visiting a store that was set as it would have been over 100 years ago.  Lots of items in the store authentic and it gave the kids a clear idea of a general store.

 photo IMG_0566_zpscxyi2vfm.jpg

 photo IMG_0568_zpsxkfzssxn.jpg

 photo IMG_0562_zps5hqbfa3t.jpg

 photo IMG_0570_zpsqk6gy4br.jpg

 photo IMG_0563_zpsgfvb0ble.jpg
In addition to the store, we also took a tour through the old courthouse learning about some of the local history and the layers of people who settled in the area.  And Josiah went to jail!  :-)

 photo IMG_0581_zps5oeq4mw2.jpg

This really was a great field trip for combining gold rush and local history.  We all learned a ton and agreed that it was a fun morning that we wouldn't mind repeating.

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