Monday, July 7, 2014

Do-It-Yourself: Homemade Ketchup

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I've been wanting to try homemade ketchup for a long time.  When I go in the grocery store, I get really sick of checking every label for high fructose corn syrup.  And ketchup is supposed to be a simple one to duplicate, so why not give it a try?

While searching pinterest, I found this recipe and thought it looked promising.  I used maple syrup to sweeten mine and prepared yellow mustard 'cause I couldn't find my powder.  The one thing that puzzled me was that the spices didn't have exact measurements and for me, that's not a good thing when I'm trying a recipe for the first time.  The first time I like to know exactly how the author made it, then tweak it from there.  But I was game to give it a try.

Well, trial and error will certainly be my take on this one.  I added too much spice somewhere.  All the spices listed here are very hot and somewhere along the lines, I just added too much.  I tried to tone it down, but wow!  I won't be serving this to my kids.  Although full of flavor, I just got mine too hot.  I'd love to try it again because it is yummy, but it will certainly take some time.  As I dial in my recipe, I promise to share it in the future.  For now, it's a work in progress.

Have you ever tried to make your own condiments?

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