Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Kissing Bridge {Review}

Rebecca Troyer is determined never to feel helpless again.  But in order to do that, she must leave her Amish community, risk the shunning, and travel far from home to earn a nursing degree.  Not just for herself, but also for her family.  On a whim, she stops on her journey to visit a friend in Montana and discovers a world where Englishers and Amish work and live alongside each other.  But she also discovers a young man who takes a quick interest in her sense of adventure.

Caleb is running from his own past and grief.  Hiding behind his grandfather's words, he loves his Amish roots, but craves more.  Can any Amish woman satisfy his need for adventure?

Spending one week together in the wilderness, they just might find that running from their pasts won't get them where they want to go.  But it might also lead them to each other.

This is actually the first book I've ever read by Tricia Goyer.  And although I liked the story, it wasn't all that I had hoped for.  Rebecca and Caleb came off as believable humans, but some of the things they said and did didn't line up with their Amish background.  Rebecca, in particular, didn't come across as believable.  Her human emotions where real, but her background lacked in her actions.  And that did eventually affect the story.

I don't know how I really feel about this book.  Eliminate the Amish character, and it's a good story.  Try to make the characters Amish... I just didn't buy it.

*Disclaimer: I reeeived a free copy of this book for review.  All opinions are my own.

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