Monday, December 16, 2013

Felt Poinsettia Pins

I love poinsettias.  They're so festive and cheery.  I think there's something perfectly Christmas-y about poinsettias.  So while I was thinking about creating something for my mom and grandma, I really wanted to include this holiday treat.  And that's how I came up with these Felt Poinsettia Pins

 photo IMG_9391_zpsd3b36b0e.jpg

You'll need:
Red or white felt
Hot glue and gun
Glitter, optional

 photo IMG_9392_zps9d52b738.jpg

1. Cut a paper petal template in two sizes of your choice.  One for the first layer, and a smaller petal for the top layer.

2. Cut 6 petals of the larger size and 6 petals of the smaller size.

3. Start arranging your bottom petals, overlapping and gluing as you go.

4. Glue your top, smaller petals on top, overlapping as you go.

5.  Adhere a decorative button in the center.

6. Add the pin back to the reverse.

7.  Finally add glitter glue of your choice to add a little sparkle.

 photo IMG_9393_zpsbc058d85.jpg

And there you have it... a pretty gift for someone special this holiday season.  Enjoy!

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