Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moon Birthday Party

This past January we went down to visit family and celebrate my neice's 2nd birthday.  She loves the moon and her mom did an awesome job creating a Moon Birthday. 

 photo IMG_9497_zps28faf764.jpg

What's a party without a banner!

 photo IMG_9499_zpsd76d4b4b.jpg

I love this huge lantern in the middle of the room surrounded by stars.

 photo IMG_9500_zpsbb3e2e43.jpg

And who knew there were so many books with moons in them?
 photo IMG_9503_zps2aea8e37.jpg

Gotta have some girlie flowers with star confetti.
 photo IMG_9504_zps194f96f4.jpg

And a moon cake made from the Wilton's ball mold.
With sanding sugar.

 photo IMG_9506_zps762500f1.jpg 

I love these moon cupcakes as well.

It all turned out so cute and I can't wait to celebrate again with them next year.

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