Monday, March 5, 2012

You're Already Amazing {Review}

I'm a huge fan of {in}courage.  For about a year now, I've followed along as every day women share what God is doing in their lives, all in an attempt to encourage each other in our walks with the Lord.  So when co-founder Holly Gerth came out with her new book, You're Already Amazing, I was excited to review it.  

You're Already Amazing is written in a very informal style as the author invites you to sit down for coffee with her and have a chat.  The author speaks to a woman's insecurities with herself and her roles in the world.  As women we often find ourselves wrestling with the question: "Am I good enough?"  And Gerth tackles this one straight on with a resounding "YES!"  Yes, you are enough.  God made you with your own unique set of strengths, weaknesses, passions, skills, and dreams.  He has no backup plan, no plan B, no calvary coming in.  You are it!

While I love the message of this book, I felt like I had heard it before.  Oh, yeah... I have.  I've read many Christian women's books in my life.  Some are great.  Some simply hold the same message in a new format.  This book falls in the second category.  While there are some great tips like writing down your LIFE purpose, You're Already Amazing sounded a lot like many of the books I've read before: figure out your strengths, surround yourself with community, you can do it!  

This book does however come with a study guide in the back for sharing in a small group.  You may find it much more beneficial in that format.  Additionally, {in}courage just announced today that this will be their spring Book Club selection with videos by the author.  Perhaps, that will enhance the reading.  But for now, this one is a pass for me.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy for review from the publisher.  All opinions are mine.
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Ellen @ The Hairbow Chronicles said...

Hey. Thank you for your honest review! Just the title alone made me skeptical about the book. I am already amazing? I'm enough? I mean, isn't the purpose of the Gospel that we AREN'T amazing? Anyway, that's enough for me not to read it! Same old, same old. Secular psychology wrapped in Christian packaging!

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