Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOST(6x1-2)--let's recap

Spoilers Ahead... proceed at your own risk.

I'm LOST... what do we call ourselves? Not a trekkie... a LOSTIE? Hum, I feel a nose bleed coming on.

Anyways I digress...

I'm an absolutely LOST freak no matter how you want to put it. As if you couldn't tell by this. Or this. I can dissect an episode in my sleep. Don't laugh. I actually dreamt about LOST last night after watching the season premiere. Sick huh?

There are just a few things that have been going through my head today:

*Really? Did they have to make me relive the death of my favorite character over and over again? How many times did they kill Juliette? Four? And then to make me think she was still alive in the hatch? That's just cruel.

*Who is Richard? This is a question I wanted answered this season. And what did "Locke" mean by "good to see you out of those chains"?

*Can we bring back Walt? I'm wondering if he's going to be the key to defeating the smoke monster. Who are these others that have our friends? They were the ones that originally took Walt I believe. Could he be there on the island in this alternate universe?

*Will Jake and Claire ever realize they're related?

*And where does Christian fit into all this? Is Claire going to become the new man in black with Jack replacing Jacob?

*Is Sayid now inhabited by Jacob's spirit? Weird reserection theme going on here.

*Don't pull Desmond into this drama all over again. The man has been through enough.

*Will the passengers who returned to LAX have repressed memories? Did you see the way Jack grabbed the seat when they hit turbulence?

*Jack told Locke in LAX that nothing is irreversible. Hum....

*And speaking of the LAX Locke, he seemed more confident than the pre-crash Locke. Could he have actually done all those things they said he couldn't do?

*Why does it seem the two groups of "Others" don't seem to know about each other?

Too many questions, but thankfully there were a few answers:

*Island Locke wasn't really ressurected, but rather inhabited by the smoke monster.

*Jin and Sun seem to be headed for reuniting, that is if Sun doesn't leave Jin in the airport.

Ok, now that I'm thinking about... maybe there wasn't many answers.

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