Friday, June 2, 2017

Weekend Links

This Week:

What I Made:
We made lots of memories this week.  We started out with a 3 day weekend that was a blank canvas: no plans, no agenda.  And quickly filled it up.  Saturday we took a family hike to some waterfalls near the lake.  It was a moderate hike so even my 5 year old did well and we got some gorgeous photos.  Lots of fun!

Sunday we met some friends for a BBQ and swimming.  Our church friends were kind enough to open up their hope and the kids swam, and swam, and swam.  While I ate way too many cherries.  I love this summer fruit season.

And then on Monday, we met some more church friends at the lake and hung out for 6 hours.  The kids played and played in the water while Mom and Dad got to relax.  It was a lot of fun and a good way to top off the weekend.

What I'm Cooking:
We're in a funny season right now.  Typically I'd be switching over to fresh sandwiches and salads, but we actually got rain this week.  So it's been a funny mix of crockpot soups one day and then a summer salad the next.  This weather is keeping me on my toes.

But one thing never changes:  Pizza on Friday Nights!  :-)

What I'm Loving:
I am so loving having open days to pick and choose as we will.  Now, this is a two-edged sword.  Days are open and free, but we still need some structure.  So we're starting to hit the swing of things with a loose schedule, but one bigger project to complete each day.  We're enjoying it.

What I'm Reading:
Wow!  Just !WOW!  So I'm started the June Bookmarks selection (Sacred Parenting) and I'm remembering how life changing this book is.  It's been easily 4 years since I read it.  Amazing!  I'm only on chapter 2 and already feeling super convicted.  In a good way.  :-)

What I'm Doing:
This weekend is a little open.  Today we're going to the library and story time.  My Kindergartener has really missed going there.  And hoping to do a little hiking again this weekend.  We need to get some yard work done.  If anyone knows anything about fixing a sprinkler system, call me.  :-)  And I know Lydia is dying to go swimming!

What I'm Watching:
I finally watched the finale of Once Upon a Time.  Sad, but satisfying.  I know the show will continue, but it will certainly be different.  Love this show!

What I'm Enjoying:
summer rain... lazy days of summer... summer salads... library time... family hiking... 

What are you up to?

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