Monday, November 21, 2011

After the turkey's consumed...

Ok, quick trivia question: What takes 6 hours to prepare and 30 minutes to consume?  Oh, yeah, and it makes you want to "Gobble, Gobble" when you're done?

Need a hint?

If you guessed Thanksgiving dinner, then you're right.  We spend all day in the kitchen lovingly preparing a feast for our family and friends, only to have it consumed in minutes.  So how do we spend the rest of our evening celebrating?   In a turkey coma on the couch?  Here are some ways to spend quality time after the Thanksgiving meal.

1. Grab your sister-in-law and clean up the kitchen, giving the cooks a break.

2. Hold the baby so the new mom can enjoy some adult conversation.

3. Take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood.

4. Play a game of Rummy.  Or whatever card game your family enjoys.

5. Savor the girl talk at the dinner table.  When else can you send the kids outside and catch up?

6. Take out that game of Monopoly.  Here's your chance to finish in one sitting.

7. Check out the football game.  Even if you're not a regular watcher, spend time cheering on the team with your husband.

8. Create a Thankful Chain with family.

10. Have a face to face conversation.  Turn off Facebook, Twitter, and text and have a real conversation with the people you're thankful for.

How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving?

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