Thursday, July 16, 2009

Frugal Friday

We were blessed to move into our first home at the beginning of June. Yeah! Our first home. It's cute, perfect, and ours.

Along with the new house, we interited some wonderful neighbors who were always friendly. Just a short while after moving in, we found out that after some sneaky dealing from their landlord, the house they were renting was in foreclosure. Unfortunately, less than a month after we moved in, they were moving out.

The day they moved out, our neighbor came to us and asked if we would like some vegetables that she had been growing in the front yard. What could I say? Of course, I'd love them. She left two huge tomato plants and one huge cucumber plant growing in the front. Since they were so large and spreading, I've been afraid to move them and put them in shock.

So each night, the kids and I make the trek over to their yard to water and gather what's ripe. We haven't been able to harvest much yet, but we have gotten two tomatoes. There are also mutliple tomatoes, cucumbers, and blossoms, on the vines. I can't imagine what we could get out of such a sweet gift.

I guess this isn't much of a frugal post so much as a grateful, thankful post. It's a simple thing, summer rippened tomatoes, fresh veggies, and all for just a little time.

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shopannies said...

you are very lucky to have had such wonderful neighbors and you are able to gather in her frugalness of growing her own garden. Very sad that the family had to move that is too bad for them

ahorne said...

Sad that your neighbors had to go so quickly, but what a sweet gift to remember them by! Every time you enjoy a juicy tomato or a crunchy cucumber, you'll smile. :)

Mom2fur said...

I'm sorry your neighbors had to pay the price for what their landlord did. I hope they find a better place to live. Meantime, I hope the house stays empty long enough for you to harvest as many yummy vegetables as you can. Wasn't it nice of your neighbors to think of you even with all that was going on? Those are my kind of neighbors!

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